Batch .06 is sold out!

Minideath X

Minideath X is a one of a kind generative collection. Dropping in small batches of Artworks, curated 1 by 1, Every Minideath X drop is characterized by new styles and traits. A living collection that will keep improving and reinventing itself until the very last artwork.

Check the Artworks out!


Minideath is Nucleo - Digital Artist (@Nucleo0101) and BB - Creative Technologist (@MrBinaryBullet). We are an independent team and we build innovative things because we love to do so.


Art is the utility. We might - or might not! - deliver more content and services in the future, but please don't expect anything other than the artworks. A lot of passion, time and effort is being poured into these little skulls! 💀🌈

How can I help/support?

We will never ask you to tag a hundred people on social or spam random people on Discord. If you like the project, follow us on Twitter, join the conversation on Discord, invite a friend that might like what we are doing as much as you do. Art, community, and meaningful connections over everything. Let's build something different, together!

Wen Mint?

Every batch is require time to be conceptualized and designed. Follow us on Twitter or Discord to learn more about the next upcoming mint event.


While Minideath X hard cap is set at 10.000 Artwork, Our focus is set on quality and Art exploration through small batches. We'll keep dropping new Artworks as long as:

  1. 1. We feel like new drops are adding value to the collection and not diluting it
  2. 2. There is interest seeing more from the X Collection
  3. 3. Most importantly, We are still enjoying the process and having fun 😄
So, simply put - No, there is no guarantee we'll mint 10,000, 1000, or 500 Artworks. We'll never mint for the sake of minting and inflate numbers. Art over everything else.