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Minideath X

Minideath X is a procedurally generated, highly curated collection of 10.000 Skeletons. Generated 1 by 1 and released in small batches, every new drop includes new styles and new traits. A living collection that will keep improving and reinventing itself until the very last artwork. From time to time rare, handcrafted artworks and 1/1 are added to the collection.

Check the Collection Art


Minideath is Nucleo - designer (@Nucleo0101) and BB - creative technologist (@MrBinaryBullet). We are an independent team and we build innovative things because we love to do so.


Art is the utility. We might - or might not! - deliver more content and services in the future, but the main focus is on the collection itself so.. please don't expect anything more than the artworks!

How can I help/support?

We will never ask you to tag a hundred people on social or spam random people on Discord. If you like the project, follow us on Twitter, join the conversation on Discord, invite a friend that might like what we are doing as much as you do. Art, community, and meaningful connections over everything. Let's build something different, together!

Wen Mint?

Minideath X drops regularly. If you are a Discord user, keep an eye on the giveaway channel: We host multiple free-mint giveaways ahead of the next drop. Follow us on Twitter (@minideath_nft) and keep an eye on communication to join our server and to learn more about the next upcoming mint event.